Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Fire Pit Tables

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Fire pit tables, practical and beneficial as they are, are not fully appreciated and inadvertently missed out by many homeowners largely because they don’t know what these outdoor heating options are for and what benefits they can offer. Many  individuals are seemingly satisfied with their regular outdoor fire pits, often settling for those that sit very close to the ground or those that are contained in a bowl and a little elevated from the ground by stands.

But don’t you know that you can further raise the level of comfort and convenience of your outdoor entertainment with fire pit tables? Yes, you definitely can!

A fire pit table actually serves the same purpose as the rest of your outdoor fire pits. They provide heat to your outdoors to let you spend an ample time outdoors regardless of the external temperature. Moreover, it also improves the aesthetics of your outdoor space by pulling in that charming and cozy ambiance that has remained unmatched by other outdoor heating options. But what makes a fire pit table different from the others?

First off, a fire pit table is basically a patio table that has a space in the middle to incorporate a fire pit. This means that to benefit from the warmth generated by your pit, you don’t need to squat around it like you normally do around a regular fire pit. Instead, you sit comfortably around a fire pit table the whole time like you do on a normal table. The distance from you and the fire is enough so you can have easy access when you have to tend to the fire.

Also, there is enough space around the fire pit for you to place things on it. For example if you’re cooking, you don’t have to go back and forth to fetch whatever you need for your cooking from your kitchen. You can place everything on your fire pit table and that can save you a lot of time and effort. You can likewise eat whatever you have prepared or cooked on your table. You don’t need to have a separate dining table to do that. You can easily put your plates, cups or glasses, and food on your fire pit table and bask in the warmth of you the fire pit at the same time. What is more relaxing than that?

What is great about fire pit tables is the fact that they provide supplementary security. With little kids around, you can’t always make sure that they stay in one place. There are times when they run around or get as close as they can to your fire pit and accidentally tripping over it sometimes happens. But with a fire pit table, since the pit is lifted off the ground, the chance of accidental burn is virtually non-existent.

Furthermore, fire pit tables are offered in various styles and designs. If you choose very well, make it a point that your fire pit table matches or complements the rest of the elements found in your patio or backyard space. As for the shade, many homeowners end up settling for dark colors since the tear and wear developed overtime doesn’t show aside from the fact that this particular shade blends well with almost anything.

While in general fire pit tables aren’t what you call a necessity, however it would be safe and accurate to say that it is a great and beneficial addition to your outdoors. I would even go as far as saying that they are way better than your regular outdoor fire pits and other outdoor heating options for that matter given the many benefits they can offer.


Here Are Some of the Best Outdoor Heating Options Today

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There’s something about a fire that draws people in. It must be our human instinct formed long time ago when our ancestors sought heat not only for warmth and comfort but for their survival; a practice as old as time yet has been carried on until today. Perhaps this is the driving force behind why people are so into outdoor heating options in recent years. Choices like fire pits, gas patio heaters and the like have been selling like pancakes like never before.

But wait. As much as the explanation above makes sense, there is a more obvious answer to why these outdoor heating options are widely popular. They perfectly cater to the needs of homeowners particularly in terms of outdoor relaxation and entertainment. To put it simply, they are too beneficial to be ignored.

For instance let’s talk about outdoor fire pits. These type of outdoor heating solutions come in various styles. For example, there are those types that are placed or installed on the ground while there are those that make use of stands to lift them off the ground. In addition, there are also chimney-like devices plus, of course, the ever popular fire pit tables.

Furthermore, these outdoor fire pits are also offered in many designs, materials and fuel sources. For example, they can be permanent, semi-permanent or completely transportable. They may be crafted from materials ranging from wrought iron, stainless steel and the like. As for fuel, they are most typically operated by natural gas, propane gas, woods and even coal.

gas patio heaters

Other outdoor heat providers that are worth considering are the outdoor gas heaters. They are available in many different styles and designs to match practically every type of outdoor settings. They are not only widely used among private homeowners but are equally popular with business establishments like restaurants, bistros, bars, cafes, just to name a few. Even business offices are employing them in their garden spaces.

fire pit table

Like outdoor fire pits, they are attractive additions to our backyard areas. But more than improving the aesthetics and raising the value of our outdoor properties, they provide the much needed outdoor warmth to allow us to continue our activities outside the homes regardless of the external temperature. By employing their help, we are able to enjoy our patio or backyard without having to worry about the cold season of the year.

Indeed, these outdoor heating options have truly taken outdoor entertainment and decoration to a whole new level. With them on our side, nothing can get in our way from enjoying our outdoor living spaces- not even the very cold season of the year.

Gas versus Wood Fire Pit: Which Option is Preferable?

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You have probably heard persuasive arguments for and against two of the most popular types of outdoor fire pits today- the wood and gas fire pits. If you haven’t, here is another one to add to those endless debates, hopefully to help you make a decision as to whether one is more superior or much better than the other.

gas fire pit

1. Convenience and Safety Issues: To operate your gas fire pit, you only have to hook it up to the main gas line in your house and that’s about it. Creating a fire is as simple as clicking a switch or turning a valve. The same thing when you have to turn off your fire. For your wood fire pit, having a  good supply of fire woods nearby makes your life more convenient. It will be much of a hassle if you still have to gather woods the moment you decide to use your wood fire pit. And unlike its gas counterpart, creating a fire with a wood fire pit is practically from scratch. It is important to have a supply of kindling to help you start your fire and to keep it going.

wood-burning fire pit

In addition, distinguishing a  fire may be an issue with this type of heating option. This is because usually a user douse the fire with water to stop it. But there’a always that fear of a lingering fire long after you have doused it with water and the chance that it might start back again is always possible.

2. Cleanliness: It has been said again and again that wood burning fire pits leave very messy burning residue.The hassle and inconvenience that are often associated with it result from the fact that it doesn’t have a clean burn. You have to spare a certain amount of time to clean not only the by-products left from the burning process but also in cleaning the unit itself.

In comparison, a gas fire pit has a a much cleaner and safer burn. They don’t leave any ashes or soot for you to clean after and whatever pollutants they emit into the air are very insignificant to cause any harm to the environment.

wood fire pit- stars and moon


3. Affordability: This is perhaps the only area where wood burning fire pits have an obvious advantage. Generally, woods are much affordable than gas. Sometimes in some areas, they even come free of charge. If your main consideration in choosing a fire pit is its affordability, then a wood burning fire pit is the better choice. But then again, some would argue that affordability should take a back seat to safety especially for devices that are employed for open burning activities.

In conclusion, a lot would probably agree that in many aspects a gas fire pit wins over wood-burning fire pit hands down. However, if you ask me, both types of fire pits certainly have their own share of good and bad points. As long as you know quite well what to expect with either of the two options, their strengths and their limitations, the choice you make can work to your full advantage.

The Truth About Wood-burning Fire Pits

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wood-burning fire pit

So you’ve probably heard of the many things they say about wood-burning fire pits. More bad than good, I assume. Before you unfairly write off this type of outdoor fire pit, however allow me to share some good things about it that many avid followers have seen and appreciated all these years. After all, just like any other outdoor heating options, or any product for that matter, a wood fire pit has also its share of advantages as much as disadvantages.

Wood fire pits are safe to use. Think about this. Even the safest heating devices have the chance to go wrong when you don’t use them properly or if safety measures are not followed. That is the point. As long as you follow all safety precautions, adhere to all regulations and guidelines, there’s no reason why a wood fire pit isn’t safe to use.

wood fire pit


For instance, to eliminate the chances of sparks from flying out, always use a safety screen all throughout the burning process.  Also, since with wood fire pits you are required to create a fire from scratch, start with a small fire by making use of kindling or other recommended fire starters. Don’t use gasoline. If there are children around, make sure that they don’t venture near your fire pits unsupervised.

To extinguish your fire, make sure that no lingering fire is left behind. Use a fire extinguisher or douse it with enough water to make sure that the fire won’t start back again. Strictly follow manufacturer’s instructions.

gas fire pit

Nothing beats the authentic flame of wood-burning fire pits. Many people would probably agree that the dull and small flames of gas fire pits pale in comparison to this. There’s no denying the beauty of the dancing and ever-changing colors of the flames produced from wood-burning fire pits which undeniably is one of its popular selling points.

So you see, a wood fire pit has its own unique appeal and strengths. In the end, whatever choice you make, it all largely depends on what works for you more. Whether you choose a gas or a wood-burning fire pit, it must be something that you think best suits your needs.


Fire Pit Tables: 5 Things You Don’t Know About These Outdoor Heating Options

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Spicing up your outdoor surrounding doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive. Sometimes, adding an element or two is all it takes to give it that improved look you’re aiming for.  For instance, incorporating one of those outdoor heating options will definitely do wonders to an otherwise dull-looking backyard.

A fire pit table is one of those heating solutions that are making quite a statement in outdoor decorating today with all the benefits it can provide an end user with. No wonder it’s fast becoming a backyard staple in many properties across the country today. Below are more important details about fire pit tables that best explain why they are such a hit among many homeowners.

  1. From the name alone, you already get the idea. Yes, a fire pit table is a table that incorporates a fire pit. Aside from the heat it provides, it also adds to the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space, not forgetting the warm and elegant ambiance it brings in.
  2. Fire pit tables are cost-effective. By getting this outdoor heating option, you actually acquire two items right off the bat- a fire pit and a patio table. Quite like getting two for the price of one. You don’t have to invest in these two items separately.
3.  A fire pit table can make use of either woods or gas. Just like any types of fire pits, you can choose between two popular options- gas or woods to fuel your fire pit. If you are put off by the hassle and inconvenience of wood- burning, you can always choose a fire pit powered by propane.
4. Cooking is made easier on fire pit tables. This is because unlike regular fire pits where you have to squat or bend to tend to the fire, with fire pit tables you can sit comfortably and still the flame is easily accessible. You can do your cooking while sitting comfortably like you normally do on a typical table.

You can even put your meat and other ingredients on the table unlike before where you have to go back and forth to your kitchen to fetch whatever you need for your cooking. Moreover, some fire pit tables come with a grill contraption for you to be able to prepare more elaborate meals aside from the regular marshmallow and hotdogs.

5. A fire pit table is a wise option if you are the type of person who loves entertaining, more so if you love throwing parties outside the comforts of your home. With a fire pit table you are assured that you and your guest stay warm all night long and you that everybody is seated comfortably. Nobody will surely complain of aching backs or freezing hands and feet.

What are the different types of outdoor fire pits?


outdoor fire pit

With all the different types of outdoor fire pits available today, choosing the right one is anything but simple. Just think about it. Some fire pits are permanent structures. Some are temporary and even portable. Some are mainly heat providers while others have cooking features so you can cook on it.  The list goes on and on.

Indeed, outdoor fire pits vary a lot in styles, designs, sizes and of course prices. Quite overwhelming, if you ask me. But the thing is, you have to take the selection seriously since you don’t want to end up with something that doesn’t really suit your purpose or your needs. That would just be a complete waste of time, effort and money.

To further give you an idea what the various options are out there in the market today, here is an information that would somehow help you figure it all out:

  •  Portable fire pit: These are the types that you can move anywhere you want in your yard. You can even take them along on camping trips. They basically come with large metal or ceramic bowls with legs or stands and a mesh lid. Some come with cooking features so you can grill your food there at the same time.
  • Fire pit table: this type of fire pit serves a dual purpose- a fire pit and a patio table in one. The space around the pit allows an end user to place food , plates and cups, etc on them to make outdoor entertainment more practical and convenient. Unlike a typical fire pit, you can sit around the fire comfortably like you do on a regular table.
  • Wood-burning fire pit: as the name suggests, this fire pit uses woods for its fuel. This type is ideal in areas where wood supply is abundant and no extra precaution is necessary when it comes to open fire activities.

fire pit table

gas fire pit

  • Gas fire pit: This is often considered as the safer and cleaner version of a wood-burning fire pit because it doesn’t leave any messy burning residue and it’s a lot risk-free to use than a wood fire pit.
  • Chimnea fire pit- this is an enclosed outdoor fire pit with chimney-like features to vent out the smoke. Like other types of fire pits, it also varies in styles and materials.
Overwhelming as it is, fortunately with the right amount of research you can make your selection much easier. By doing your homework, odds are high that you will be able to find a fire pit that perfectly matches your needs and your personal preference.

Outdoor Fire Pits: Your Partner in Outdoor Entertainment

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A beautiful outdoor space doesn’t only include a well-planned landscape setting but also takes into account a perfect ambiance that warms not just the outdoor environment but the hearts of those who want to spend time on it. I’m not talking about the usual food or plant decoration typically accessorizing most people’s yard. Rather, I am referring to outdoor heating solutions that have become backyard staples in many homes across the country today. Indeed these outdoor heat providers raise the ante when it comes to outdoor entertainment and decoration.

Among the outdoor heating option that is crossing its way into the thresholds of many homes today is the outdoor fire pit. It is in fact one of the hottest trends in outdoor recreation in recent years because of the many benefits it can offer an end-user.

First off, fire pits bring in that cozy and inviting atmosphere to your outdoors. This mood is a perfect venue when you want to host a small and intimate get-together with family or friends although a large party or event in your outdoors is also possible depending on the size of your fire pit. (Before you purchase your fire pit, you always consider its capacity to heat the amount of space you wanted to be heated.)


And regardless of the type of your outdoor fire pit, and whether fuelled by gas or wood, it never fails to provide a warm and charming atmosphere that has yet to be paralleled by other outdoor decorations. No wonder these outdoor heating types have captured the attention and hearts of a number of homeowners in such a relatively short period of time.

Beneficial they may be, don’t rush off and get yourself an outdoor fire pit just yet. Like any outdoor heating solutions, there are essential things that you need to consider before you get one especially nowadays that various safety issues have been raised regarding open fire activities. In particular, laws and regulations concerning open burning are getting a lot more stricter although in general they are less stringent in rural areas.

wood fire pit

Incorporating an outdoor fire pit in your property can definitely do wonders to your outdoor area. But for a risk-free operation, make sure that safety standards are strictly implemented. Do your homework and research all necessary information.

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